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IIUM Blended Learning Rubric
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Announcement on Matric No 171
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Attention to all new students with 171 study plan.

Kindly be informed that CLAV has opened 30 new sections for Leadership and Management (CCLM 2051). The sections 47-76. Section on Wednesday night are for only KAED and ENGIN students only.

The students are advised to register the course immediately through web based registration start from TODAY till 11.59 P.M (15/09/2017).

Thank you.

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Announcement Related to Automative Skills
بواسطة الإثنين, 21 آب 2017, 12:16 - Admin User

Assalamu’alaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh,

Attention to All Students,

For those who have registered the following subjects:

  1. CCAS 3381 (Automotive Skill 1)
  2. CCAS 3382 (Automotive Skill 2)

Kindly be informed that, due to unavoidable circumstances, the Centre for Credited Leadership and ...

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