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Red Alert: Wannacry Ransomware Global Cyber Attack 2017

Red Alert: Wannacry Ransomware Global Cyber Attack 2017
by AZLAN BIN MOHAMED ZAIN 2100 - Tuesday, 16 May 2017, 10:31 AM

Assalamu Alaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh

As of today, the Wannacry Ransomware has become a world concern and we are facing a high possibility to become a victim of this cyber attack. Several countries have been a victim of this cyber attack, such as Russia, Ukraine, Taiwan, German, Spain, India, Indonesia, Japan and United Kingdom. Ransomware cyber attack encrypts important files in a system and demands a ransom payment in BitCoin for the files to be released.

Information Technology Division of IIUM is taking this security issue seriously. Through this announcement we would like to remind all IIUM community members, especially IT administrators and IT personnel to take immediate preventive measures so as to safeguard our systems from the ransomwareattack.

Basically the solution is to make sure the personal computers, laptops (Windows 10 and below), servers (Windows Server version 2012 and below) and computer labs to get the latest patch updates. Please follow this advisory provided by the Malaysia Computer Emergency Response team (MYCERT).

The IIUM community members are also reminded to not open any email attachments from unknown sources. These preventive measures are critically important to protect your data from being locked by this cybercrime attack, namely Ransomware Wannacry.

For any inquiries please contact our Chief Information Security Officer, Br Sazaney (ext 4872 or email sazaney@iium.edumy

Thank you for your kind attention.